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Local Search Engine Optimisation

High visibility for local searches for company’s targeting local customers generating a regular flow of enquiries

Prospective local customers are pro-actively searching for the services and products that you provide. But when they carry out a search, if you’re not towards the top of the 1st page of Google, then they don’t find you and may well visit your competitor’s websites.

For companies targeting the local market there are numerous ways to significantly improve your visibility on page 1 of Google through the organic search engine results, Google Business Profile listings and Google Maps.

With our expertise, Website DNA can position your company with numerous “touch points” in Google search results raising your visibility. You can then receive relevant local visitors to your website who can get in touch with you for your services or products.

With an increased visibility your website can become a significant marketing source of a regular flow of new local enquiries working 365 days a year 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.

Like all our services, we can measure the performance of your website demonstrating the improvement generated by our local search engine optimisation services.

Talk To Us About Your Company Generating Local Enquiries

We can create a bespoke digital strategy to target local prospective clients who are pro-actively searching for your services and provide measurable results to demonstrate successful marketing.

Transparent Results In User Friendly Reports

We measure the performance of the local search engine optimisation using Google Analytics and conversion tracking software.

These results are provided to you in user-friendly reports so you can clearly see the impact of the local search engine optimisation.

The reports are tailor-made to your specific company objectives reflecting your company’s unique business requirements.

These transparent bespoke results show that the website visitors are driving high quality relevant visitors to your website who are pro-actively searching for precisely the services or products your company provides.

We are always available to discuss the results and explain how we are continually generating a regular flow of visitors to your website or direct enquiries to your business.

What’s more you are not tied in with a long contract as we use our consistently strong results to retain our clients.

Results driven digital marketing

FAQ’s on Local Search Engine Optimisation

Why do you provide a bespoke local SEO service?

Every company is different with unique requirements in targeting their ideal specific audience. As a result we create marketing strategies that are aligned with your company’s online objectives.

What monthly budget do I need?

This varies depending on the volume of enquiries you require and the capacity you have within your company as well as how ambitious you are to grow your company. 

How do I know if it will work for my company?

Where possible we measure conversions (KPIs) on your website. These conversions are based on your identified website interactions and can include telephone calls, emails sent, forms submitted, online transcations carried out or visits to your shop. By measuring specific website interactions you can see what value the local search engine optimisation is creating for your company.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

We place emphasis on results-driven campaigns with transparent performance so you know exactly how well your marketing funds are working. If you don’t like the performance we provide all we need is 30 days notice.

How quickly will I start to see results?

We advise that you try it for a minimum of 3 months which allows us to work on your local presence in the search engine results and for it to be reflected in the search engine results. Search engine optimisation should be viewed as a long term programme for the most effective results.

Will you provide easy to understand reports?

Our user-friendly reports identify the key statistics for your website. These reports are tailor-made to reflect your unique company requirements in terms of reported figures. We ensure you only get what you want and are not bombarded with too many irrelevant statistics.

Will you manage my Google Business Profile?

Yes we will set it up if you don’t already have a Google Business Profile, or manage an existing Business Profile. We will ensure it is set-up using Google guidelines, best industry practice and continually work on it optimising to maximise its performance.

Can I talk to the qualified experts at Website DNA?

The whole team at Website DNA are always available to talk to clients. You can speak to qualified specialists who understand search engine optimisation and who work on them every day.

Not answered your question? Please give us a call on 01844 260700

Qualified Google Partners

With Google qualified experts using the very latest Google features, Website DNA provides an optimised, results-driven service.

Our direct access to Google and high level of customer service results in you saving time, optimising your marketing funds and maximising your return on your investment.

Website DNA received the prestigious honour of being on Google's Elevator Program in 2017.

In 2019 and 2020 Google used a Website DNA managed Google Ads Account as a global case study highlighting the benefits of using Website DNA's managed PPC marketing.


“Congratulations for being one of Google 2016’s top-performing agencies.”
Google - 9th February 2017
“Website DNA has carried out an amazing job on its Google Ads accounts. A really professional agency.”
Google - 6th July 2023

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