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Social Media Advertising & Management

Use the best social media platforms effectively to promote your business

Social media is crucial for promoting your business online. It provides a marketing platform where you can build brand awareness, engage with customers, manage your reputation and generate enquires.

At Website DNA we professionally manage both social media accounts and paid advertising campaigns across a broad range of social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, TikTok and YouTube accounts.

We provide bespoke social media strategies aligned to your company’s requirements and business objectives.

We avoid trying to cover all social media platforms and instead focus on the most appropriate for your business, reaching your prospective customers.

We create and post content on a regular basis, using the latest industries guidelines and innovative techniques to raise awareness and maximise user engagement for existing and new customers. Using text, images, videos and interactive solutions we can increase the visibility of your content to your target audience across the social media platforms.

We also provide paid social media advertising, through the most appropriate social media platforms for your company, where we create and deliver advertising to the right people at the right time. This not only provides great brand awareness but also generates good quality business leads.

With our in-depth monthly social media reports we provide insightful statistics to give you a full understanding of your social media activity and demonstrate measurable KPIs and a positive ROI for your company.


We take time to learn your company to understand your business’s unique objectives, pain points. marketing strategy and budget. Using in-depth research we create social media marketing promotions and advertising aligned with your company’s objectives. This enables precise targeting within a strategic structure to maximise the effectiveness of your social media marketing.


Social media promotions are created with precise audience targeting to maximise both the quality and quantity of visitors. Social media advertising campaigns are created to maximise the impact on the company’s services and/or products. Social media promotions and advertising use the latest and innovative techniques which are continually monitored and changed to improve performance.


Through data measurement and  conversion tracking we measure the performance of the social media promotions and advertising, whether that is transactions, submitted forms, telephone calls or emails sent. The social media results are  explained to you with user-friendly reports focussed on your bespoke company key objectives and KPIs to ensure they are providing a positive ROI.


With you we analyze and review the social media management and advertising campaigns and pro-actively implement changes to continually optimise and maximise performance. The latest features are implemented by our experienced specialists. This is carried out whilst always aligning the management and campaigns with your company’s changing needs, budget and objectives.

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We can manage Social Media platforms and create bespoke Social Media advertising campaigns for your unique requirements and provide measurable results to demonstrate successful marketing.

Transparent Results In User Friendly Reports

Before we create the social media campaigns we identify, with your input, the objective of the campaigns and how these KPIs can be measured.

For example, is the objective to generate enquiries and if so, what is the action we are trying to create. Is it in the form of a telephone call, an email sent, a submitted form or it could be a completed online transaction.

We measure the performance of the social media campaigns and provide these results to you in user-friendly reports.

The reports are tailor-made to your specific campaigns reflecting your unique company requirements and your business objectives. 

We are always available and pride ourselves on our exceptional service to discuss the results and work with you to continually optimise with creative and innovative campaigns to generate positive results for your company.

What’s more you are not tied in with a long contract – we use our results to retain our clients.

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FAQ’s on Social Media

What types of Social Media Campaigns do you use?

Depending on your marketing objectives, we carry out research to identify how to target your specific market audience. Using Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and TikTok we can get in front of your potential customers.

What monthly budget do I need?

This varies depending on the volume of enquiries/transactions you require and the capacity you have within your company. We have clients whose monthly budget varies from £300 – £3,000

How do I know if it will work for my company?

Where possible we measure conversions (KPIs) created by your campaigns. These conversions are based on your identified social media interactions and can include telephone calls, emails sent, forms submitted or online transcations. By measuring specific website interactions you can see what value the social media campaigns are creating for your company.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

We place emphasis on results-driven campaigns with transparent performance so you know exactly how well your marketing funds are working. If you don’t like the performance we provide all we need is 30 days notice.

How quickly will I start to see results?

We ask that you try it for a minimum of 3 months which allows us to optimise your campaigns to provide strong performance. It also allows the platforms that we use to apply their AI which will enhance performance.

Will you provide easy to understand reports?

Our user-friendly reports identify the key statistics for your campaigns. These reports are tailor-made to reflect your unique company objectives (KPIs) in terms of reported figures. We ensure you only get what you want and are not bombarded with too many irrelevant statistics.

How flexible are the paid campaigns?

The campaigns are very flexible and we can tailor the campaign structure to reflect changing needs; to align it with your company as it evolves; seasonality and be reactive to new ecomomic situations. These changes can often be made within 24 hours.

Can I talk to the qualified experts at Website DNA?

The whole team at Website DNA are always available to talk to clients. You can speak to qualified social media specialists who understand the social media platforms and campaigns and work on them every single day.

Not answered your question? Please give us a call on 01844 260700

Qualified Google Partners

With Google qualified experts using the very latest Google features, Website DNA provides an optimised, results-driven service.

Our direct access to Google Strategists and high level of customer service results in you saving time, optimising your marketing funds and maximising your return on your investment.

Website DNA received the prestigious honour of being selected by Google to take part in its elite business coaching programme - he elevator Program in 2017.

In 2019 and 2020 Google used a Website DNA managed Google Ads Account as a global case study highlighting the benefits of using Website DNA's managed PPC marketing.


Certified Google Marketing company in Oxfordshire
“Congratulations for being one of Google 2016’s top-performing agencies.”

Google - 9th February 2017

“Website DNA has carried out an amazing job on its Google Ads accounts. A really professional agency.”

Google - 6th July 2023

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