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Search Engine Optimisation

Increasing your enquiries through the organic search engine results

We are a specialist SEO agency, with over 20 years of experience in search engine optimisation. Our SEO expertise has delivered improved rankings, increased traffic and quality customers to our clients’ websites with our proven SEO techniques developed since 2003.

Our team has decades of experience managing ethical, ROI-focused search engine optimisation programmes for our clients.

Our strategic approach starts with understanding your business and goals, and benchmarking your current position to provide a starting point for us to start from and for you to measure our performance.

We create a bespoke SEO strategy for your website which combines a detailed keyword analysis to identify the keywords used by potential clients when they are pro-actively searching for the services or products your company provides.

We then implement the essential SEO and build on it with advanced techniques, innovative creative content and regular measurement and evaluation.

It is this long-term approach of providing quality SEO, continually measuring and reviewing and then implementing a progressive SEO strategy that leads to a high performance company website.

Our regular communication with monthly user-friendly graphical reports and our mantra of working “with you” and not “for you” provides continuous improvement in your website’s visibility to your future customers.

A high quality, long-term SEO programme drives an increasing number of high quality visitors who require your services to your website through a highly visible presence in the organic search engine results. 



We learn about your business to understand your company’s unique objectives, your marketing pain points and assess your existing digital marketing assets to create a bespoke digital marketing strategy.


We recommend and improve the digital marketing assets and design and run your marketing campaigns with pro-active management and continuously optimise the website’s performance.


We provide transparent results and clearly communicate with you including bespoke, user-friendly reports including targeting company objective KPIs and Return On Investment.


With you we analyze the marketing results and pro-actively recommend ongoing changes to your digital presence to enhance performance whilst staying abrest of your company’s ever changing needs and objectives.

Transparent Results In User Friendly Reports

We aim to deliver transparent results to you on a monthly basis enabling you to see the positive impact of work carried out and the results that it has delivered.

We measure the performance of the website and provide these results to you in user-friendly reports. The reports are tailor-made to your company’s specific requirements reflecting your unique objectives and KPIs.

These transparent bespoke results show that the organic search engine derived-visitors are driving profitable business for your company. We can measure various interactions on the website such as emails sent, telephone calls form mobiles, online transactions, submitted forms and any interaction made on your website.

We are always available with our exceptional service to discuss the results and explain how we are actively implementing the SEO strategy to improve the visibility of your website to visitors who are pro-actively searching for the precise services and/or products your company provides.

What’s more you are not tied in with a long contract – we use our results to retain our clients.

Results driven digital marketing strategies

FAQ’s on Search Engine Optimisation

Will search engine optimisation help my website?

Search engine optimisation is a long term programme that will increase your website visibility in the organic search engine results. Not only will its visibility increase as it appears high up in the top pages on Google but it will appear to high quality relevant searchers looking for your services and/or products.

What monthly budget do I need?

This varies depending on the amount of time required for us to spend on your website SEO. This is determined by a range of factors including the size of your website; the frequency and amount of new website content and your budget.

How do I know if it will work for my company?

Where possible we measure conversions (KPIs) and produce user-friendly reports looking at the quantity of website visitors, the quality and how they interact with the website. We also target identified target keywords that are important for your website services and/or products. We measure these every month to see how your website is performing.

Am I tied into a long-term contract?

We place emphasis on results-driven search engine optimisation with transparent performance so you know exactly how well your marketing funds are working. If you don’t like the performance we provide all we need is 30 days notice.

How quickly will I start to see results?

Search engine optimisation is a long-term program with no shortcuts so we advise you try it for a minimum period of 12 months.

Will you provide easy to understand reports?

Our user-friendly reports identify the key statistics for your campaigns. These reports are tailor made to reflect your unique company requirements in terms of reported figures. We ensure you only get what you want and are not bombarded with too many irrelevant statistics.

Do you just create AI generic content?

We use AI but all content that we create is tailored to your company’s unique requirements and is aligned with the search engine optimisation and your company’s digital marketing objectives.

Can I talk to the qualified experts at Website DNA?

The whole team at Website DNA are always available to talk to clients. You can speak to qualified specialists who understand the SEO approach, who work on websites every day.

Not answered your question? Please give us a call on 01844 260700

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We can create a bespoke search engine optimisation strategy for your unique requirements and provide measurable results to demonstrate successful marketing.

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