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Website & SEO Audits

Understand your website performance and identify how it can be improved

Most companies have a website but very few fully understand how well they perform or how they could be improved to increase their contribution to the company’s marketing, and ultimately to its profitability.

Our website and SEO audits are bespoke to each company’s website as each website can have its own unique objectives, structure, coding, appearance and content. We carry out a wide range of technical tests and user functionality to assess the attributes of the website.

Through clear, user-friendly reports and a company meeting we can explain the audit contents with recommendation for website improvements and how these can be implemented.

These are all focussed on improving the overall performance of the company website based on the company’s website strategy and objectives.


We learn about your company and your website to understand the website objectives and how this is aligned with the company’s growth strategy.


We carry out a wide range of tests looking at all elements of the website performance from a technical perspective through to a content analysis and the user-journey and experience.


We review the results with you explaining the audit’s analysis and its implication for the website performance and it’s alignment with the company’s website strategy.


The purpose of the website review is to identify where improvements can be made and create recommendations that can be implemented to improve the website performance.

Talk To Us About Your Website?

We can carry out a website and/or SEO audit of your company website identifying areas for improvement with implementable recommendations to improve your website’s performance.

Website Audit With Transparent Results & Recommendations For Improvements

A detailed report is created with user-friendly content and actionable recommendations to improve the performance of your website. The thorough analysis will identify issues throughout the website, that when implemented can improve the website’s performance. This is both from an SEO perspective and user journey and align the website with the company’s website objectives.

Current Website Position and Performance

  • Google Analytics Review


  • Correct Indexing of the website by search engines
  • Is the website mobile friendly
  • Website page speed tests
  • Identify low quality web pages.
  • Carry out Google Search Console Analysis
  • Identify broken links
  • Carry out backlink analysis
On Page SEO

  • Identify on-page SEO for content
  • Website navigation intuitive structure and user-journey

Competitor Analysis

  • Analysis competitor SEO, keyword targeting and content

Monitoring & Review

  • Create Google Analytics and Keyword Ranking reports
Results driven digital marketing strategies

FAQ’s on Websites & SEO Audits

Can you tailor the website audit to certain aspects?

We can tailor the website audit to focus on specific aspects of your website. We often find that clients have an attractive, professional website but that it performs poorly. Often the issue is related to the SEO – whether technical or on-page SEO. As a result, we often focus primarily on SEO, providing additional value on the areas that really matter.

How much does a website audit cost?

As our website audits are bespoke to your unique requirements and your company website objectives and strategy it will vary. As a rough guide it will depend on the website size in terms of content, structure and pages. Call us to get an idea of approximate cost for your website.

What if I am unable to implement your recommendations?

Our report will provide user-friendly guidance on implementing the improvements to your website. However, some may be more technical than others. If you have your own website developer/designer they should be able to implement the changes. If you would like us to implement the recommendations then we will be happy to help.

How quickly will I start to see results?

Once the recommendations are implemented they will improve the website’s performance. Depending on the nature of the recommendations some may be more long term than others and this will lead to a longer period before their full impact is noticed.

Can you advise on a long-term digital strategy?

Based on the website recommendations we can also advise on a long term-digital marketing strategy with measurable results to maximise the website’s performance once the recommendations have been implemented.

Can I talk to the qualified experts at Website DNA?

The whole team at Website DNA are always available to talk to clients. You can speak to qualified specialists who understand websites construction and SEO, who work on websites every day.

Not answered your question? Please give us a call on 01844 260700

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