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Website Design

Engaging, optimised and modern websites which are professionally designed generating business for companies

Website DNA provides modern, attractive designed websites which are effective for the companies they represent. All websites are fully optimised for the search engines.

We pride ourselves on our Search Engine Optimisation services so that all our websites will appear in the search engine results for relevant searches.

We can register a domain for your website, create hosting space for your website, install an SSL certificate and set-up emails for your company and employees.

We ensure you are fully involved in the design of the website and work with you as the website develops so that the website reflects all your unique requirements whether a particular design, your unique content or specific functionality.

We ensure all websites are secure and fully backed-up with remote storage.

All websites come with Google Analytics, a free statistics dashboard so you can see how many visitors your website receives as well as how they interact with your website.

Once your website is live we provide you with full access to the website and if required, we can provide an updating service as and when required – not through an expensive monthly retainer fee.

We also provide ongoing marketing services for your website including search engine optimisation and managed pay-per-click (PPC) should you require. We are qualified Google Partners and are recognised as a leading Google Ads agency in the UK.


We take time to learn about your business and your company’s objectives for the website. We then develop with you a structure for the website incorporating intuitive customer journeys to maximise the website performance.

Even at this early stage we carry out a Keyword Analysis which will be integral to the content of the website and various technical aspects that influence the search engine optimisation of the website.


We create attractive bespoke designs to give a professional and modern image for your company on a premium development platform. Every aspect of the design takes into account your branding guidelines including colour, tone, design, messaging and context. The draft design is then extensively reviewed and changes are made to progressively improve the appearance, structure and content. Once finalised the website is launched.


The development website is continually assessed from a search engine optimisation perspective. Our aim is not just to provide an attractive website, but an effective website.

So many websites have a great appearance but are never found and provide an ineffective marketing tool for the company. We build in Google Analytics to provide an ongoing statisical measurement platform for the website performance.


Websites should evolve over time as your company grows reflecting your target markets and company objectives.

Website DNA provides ongoing website support as well as bespoke marketing strategies such as PPC, SEO and Content Creation.

With regular website management and specialist digital marketing you can be assured of your website continuing to deliver positive results for your company.

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We can create an effective, professional website with an attractive modern design that is optimised and delivers on your unique company requirements for your website.

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FAQ’s on Website Design

What website marketing objectives should I have?

Before any design is created for a new website we carry out in-depth research to help you identify the marketing objectives you have for your website. This allows us to design the structure, appearance and content to align it with your company’s unique requirements.

Is SEO built into the website prior to its launch?

Yes, the website is fully optimised during the building process to ensure its performance is optimised from day one. This includes an initial Keyword Research to ensure it targets your specific market audience.

How will I measure the performance of my website?

We build in Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager so that you can see the quantity of visitors, the quality of the visitors as well as how they interact with your website.

Can I measure specific interactions on my website?

We use Google Tag Manager to track particular interactions on a website such as telephone calls, brochure downloads, emails sent, forms completed, online transactions, etc. These can be used as specific KPIs you can measure to evaluate the performance of your website.

Do you provide on-going website support?

Yes we can provide an updating service and management service for your website to ensure new content is added and that its security, functionality and appearance are all up to date.

Do you provide website performance reports?

We can provide user-friendly reports to identify the key statistics for your website’s performance. These reports are tailor-made to reflect your unique company requirements in terms of reported figures. They include not only quantity, but quality and characteristics of your visitors as well as how they interact with your website. 

Do you provide ongoing digital services for websites?

Yes. A website needs to be continually worked on to ensure it provides the maximum benefit to your company. As a result we can provide ongoing management, regular content creation, PPC, search engine optimisation, videography and email marketing. All of which will increase the performance of the website and its contribution towards the success of your company.

Do you charge a monthly retainer fee?

No. We only charge when we provide a value-added service. Many agencies charge a retainer and do no work. We are an ethical, transparent, results-driven company providing value to our clients.

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