8 Mistakes Made By Start-Ups With A New Website

1. Many start-ups believe they are spending wisely by buying the cheapest website they can afford. However this is often a false saving as at a later date they may have to start again rather than develop their existing website. Often cheap websites are cheap for a reason.

2. Using a freelancer is often seen as a way to save money but many freelancers often only carry out this role for a short period. Furthermore they often have minimal experience and knowledge and often create poor performing websites. When you come to revisit them as your company grows they may no longer be offering a service.

3. Many Start-Ups don’t understand that a website shouldn’t only have a modern attractive appearance but should also be search engine optimised. Its important to plan the structure of your website with SEO in mind rather than apply SEO at a later date.

4. A website shouldn’t be seen as a standalone entity, it should be seen as a key element of your digital marketing strategy. Whereas one man bands and freelancers can create a basic website a digital marketing company can provide all the complementary digital services with qualified employees who have experience and knowledge from applying their specialist services to other companies, day after day, over many years.

5. There are many platforms available to build websites, from free templates like Wix to a range of platforms, some of which are paid, such as Shopify, Squarespace, WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. For all non e-commerce websites don’t be persuaded by the website developer which is best for you, as they may try to persuade you to use the one that they are most familiar with rather than the one that is best for you. In terms of security, appearance, functionality and performance you should always go for WordPress. WordPress is well supported and is used by over 43% of business websites. It will be more than capable of evolving and growing with your business. Get it right at the start of your journey as it will always be an important part of your business.

6. Ongoing website support is important for your website’s performance but many start-ups, once they have a completed the website, count it as a box ticked. They move on to other tasks leaving the website with no support or development. Don’t neglect a critical part of the company that has significant impact on your future growth.

7. Many Start-Ups develop their website based on their own views of the company. They look at it from the company’s point of view rather than from their potential clients perspective. The website is for the potential customers NOT for the ego of the company or the owners.

8. Many start-ups have no clue how well their website is performing. Their receive an attractively designed website where their own subjective views say it’s great. However they have no idea how many visitors it gets, what are the characteristics of the visitors or how they interact with the new website. Make sure there is an analytics package with the website such as Google Analytics so you can understand how your website performs and develop based on data rather than subjective views.

Whilst a good website might cost more to start with it’s a wise investment in an important marketing area that should grow and evolve overtime as your company flourishes and prospers.

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