Understanding Google Analytics Is Key To Having A High Performing Website



Many companies go through a long process of having a website designed where they provide all the text, photography and are involved in the page structure. The website designer creates an attractive design with a colour scheme to reflect the company’s branding and the website is then finally launched after hours of work and a timeline spread over many months. The company then sits back and expects the website to start performing from day 1, bringing in enquiries and/or selling products online. A disappointing period ensues and the company is non the wiser as to why.

Many website designers are too focussed on the visual apearance of the website and miss out, or don’t have the skills, to ensure the website is search engine optimised and has an integarated software package to measure website vsiistors, characteristics, attributes and website interactions.

Google Analytics is a free and very comprehensive website statistics package which all websites should use. It is only by analysising the website visitors and how they interact with your website can the website be developed to perform for the company.

Company websites should also develop over time and evolve as the company grows and changes to align itself within its dynamic industrial sector. Measuring the website should be a continual process rather than an irregular ad-hoc event.

Google Analytics provides a vast array of data that can be used to identify not only how website visitors interact with the website but also it can identify issues with the website, such as pages that perform poorly. For example, a page may have a high exit rate or the interaction on the page may be only used infrequently. Once recognised the page can be updated to try to resolve the issue. It can then be measured and further changes can be made if required.

Certain pages may not get many visitors? You then can make changes to the page to improve it search engine optimisation, build out more prominent internal links in the website or even drive traffic to it through paid advertising such as Google Ads.

Within Google Analytics you can also measure direct interactions by website visitors such as form completions and the source of the visitor, telephone and email clicks, brochure downloads, newsletter and event sign-ups.

It is only by having Google Analytics can you fully understand your website’s performance and continually work at it to improve it.

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