Instead Of Clicks, Start Generating Leads With Facebook Advertising

Imagine you’re running what appears to be a successful Facebook ad campaign. It’s creative and eye-catching and generates tons of clicks. But then it actually isn’t translating into anything. No sales and no sign-ups.

That’s where lead collection within Facebook ads comes in. It’s the difference between just window shopping and actually making an enquiry. Here’s why having lead capturing built into your Facebook ad will transform your campaign.

Quick & easy for the potential customer

Traditional online ads often send users to separate landing pages to collect their information. This extra step can be damaging. People get busy, distracted, or simply lose interest, very quickly. Facebook lead ads eliminates this hurdle. Users submit their details directly into a form that is pre-filled with the data from their Facebook profiles and without being taken to an outside landing page. This is fast, convenient, and keeps them engaged in your message.

Reach a targeted audience

With Facebook’s precise targeting options you can reach people based on demographics, locations, and even their behaviours/interests. This means your ad reaches people who are genuinely interested in what you are offering. By capturing leads directly from this targeted pool, you’ll be generating a list of qualified prospects that are much more likely to convert into customers.

No developers or coding needed

Developers and knowledge of coding are not required to create a separate lead form. Facebook’s user-friendly ad platform allows you to build lead forms directly within the ad creation process. You can add your own custom questions to gather the relevant information you require from your new customer. This might include things like phone number, the type of service they are looking for or areas of interest.

Relevant performance metrics & lead organisation

Facebook ads provide clear metrics on your campaign’s performance. You can see exactly how many people saw your ad, clicked on the lead form, and submitted their information. This valuable data allows you to refine your targeting, optimise your ad content, and continue to maximise the return on your ad spend. Facebook will also channel your leads into the Leads Centre so that you can keep up to date and organised with new leads and leads that have been processed and converted.

To conclude, lead collection within Facebook Ads is a powerful tool that streamlines the conversion process. It gets the right message in front of the right people at the right time, all whilst capturing valuable leads to fuel your sales pipeline. At Website DNA, we have a wealth of experience in creating and maintaining successful Facebook Lead Ad campaigns for a variety of businesses in different sectors including health care and construction.

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