Are Your Google Ads Campaigns Working As Well As They Could?

8 February 2024
Website DNA have worked for a franchisee of a national company with over 220 branches throughout the UK providing very targeted Google Ads campaigns. These campaigns reflect the specific area of the franchisee and also the seasonality of the services they provide.

The guidelines/rules from the Head Office for the organisation is that each franchise pays a percentage of their revenue to the Head Office who will provide national advertising and lead generation coverage using Google Ads. As a result the Head Office instructs their franchisees not to use Google Ads themselves for their own specific area.

Website DNA have worked for a franchisee for over 5 years providing high quality Google Ads campaigns delivering a regular flow of enquiries. The franchisee is not tied into a contract and so could leave at any time.

As a result of the performance of his own Google Ads campaigns the franchisee has been happy to continue to use Website DNA providing him with this Google Ads management service. Furthermore the Head Office have tolerated it because of the performance generated for the franchisee.

In November 2023 the Head Office approached Website DNA for a review of their own national Google Ads account. They were of the opinion their Google Ads were performing adequately but not too the level of the franchisee. The Head Office national account was managed by a multi-award winning digital marketing company who were a Premier Google Partner.

Website DNA carried out a thorough review with detailed insights, recommendation and new opportunities not present in the existing Google Ads campaign structure. This was presented to senior management at the Head Office who gained a good insight into the campaigns structure, targeting and performance. The Head Office were pleased with the thorough review and are now implementing many of the recommendations and additional opportunities.

Website DNA, as a Google Partner, continues to provide highly targeted Google Ads campaigns for companies throughout the UK and Internationally. Using detailed statistical analysis and Google AI Website DNA is able to provide companies with high performing Google Ads accounts. With company being results-driven we retain clients by our performance and not by tying in a client to a contract.

Website DNA provides reviews for existing Google Ads account and if you are not happy with your Google Ads performance contact Website DNA on 01844 260700 or at .