Do You Know How Well Your Website Is Performing?

21 March 2024
Most companies have a website and many have a modern & attractive appearance. Some of these have clear messaging, an intuitive customer journey and good functionality. A proportion of these may even be fully search engine optimised and are active with a regular flow of new unique website content.

However many companies don’t truly know how well their website are performing. A great starting point is to use Google Analytics 4, a free website statistics software package. Google Analytics 4 has recently replaced the previous version, Universal Google Analytics, with a major upgrade and significantly greater emphasis on how the website visitors interact with the website.

By using this analytical data you can not only see the quantity of visitors to the website but how they interact and are engaged by the website as well as their characteristics; such as how did they get to the website; what device were they using; where were they located and what did they do on the website.

Not only will this give you a better understanding of the website’s performance but it can be used to evaluate what works well and what doesn’t work so well on the website. This will enable you to continually review your website and make changes to improve it.

Many company owners have a view on how well their website is working, from how well their business is performing, as a good website is a 24/7 marketing machine for your company. However without accessing the correct analytical data and being able to understand and interpret what it actually means, you will never be fully able to get a true picture of how well your website is performing.

For example we had an Oxford client who believed his company website was working well because he received a steady flow of online transactions from it. He never looked at the underlying website statistics as he believed the website transactions told him all he needed to know.

On analysing the statistics provided by Google Analytics 4 Website DNA could see that 40% of website visitors who placed a product in their basket on the website never completed the checkout process.

As a result Website DNA created a Google Ads Remarketing campaign, targeting those that entered the purchase funnel by placing an item in their basket but didn’t complete the purchase, and raised his sales by 22%.

Furthermore we recommended and implemented a more streamlined checkout process that reduced the non-completed purchases to just 18% of those putting an item in their basket but not completing the online purchase.

Another client was a High Wycombe electrical services company who was unsure as to why website visitors; and he got thousands of them, didn’t get more enquiries through his company website. By analysing his website we could see how far visitors were scrolling down the page and the majority of visitors didn’t get towards the bottom of the page before they left the page. The Calls-To-Action and contact details were all at the bottom of the page and more often than not were never seen by the website visitors.

Website DNA recommended and implemented more visible contact details and an updated website design throughout his website with stronger and higher positioned Calls-To-Action which significantly raised the level of enquiries that came through the website.

At Website DNA we analyse websites to improve their performance. We provide a service of monthly user-friendly, graphical Google Analytics reports which are easy to understand showing the key statistics for clients websites. We go through these reports with clients identifying how well the website is performing and reviewing where there is scope for improvements.

Google Analytics report for Oxford company
Each report is customised to the requirements, focus and objectives of each company. This way they understand how well their company website is performing and can continually assess its performance and whether any changes are required to improve its performance.

If you would like to see and understand your company website performance speak to Website DNA on 01844 260700 or at .