The Power of Google Ads Remarketing

1 May 2024
Google enables a company to remarket to previous visitors to their company website through a network of websites where you can display advertising display images. Theses display images provide a reminder of the company to the website viewer and include engaging text and images to try to persuade the visitor to return to the company website.

These Remarketing campaigns can target different groups of specific visitors to the website and represent a very cost-effective way of encouraging a high quality website visitor to return to the company website. Two examples of particular types of visitors are visitors who are “cart abandoners” or “past convertors”.

These 3 groups can be very profitable groups to target.

Cart abandoners are people who added products to their shopping carts at an e-commerce website but didn’t complete the purchase. They obviously had some interest but didn’t complete the purchase process.

Past purchase convertors are where you target people who bought a product from your website. These visitors having carried out a website transaction before may well be interested in repeating it again. They are familiar with your brand, your website, products and sales process and are more likely to carry out the same purchase again.

Often past convertors drive the best remarketing performance for many advertisers. Generally past convertors can be sub-divided into 2 groups.

Firstly, repeat purchases of exactly the same product or the same product in a different variety (e.g. quantity) – for example dog food or fishing bait where the item is exactly the same and they just want to repeat a previous order.

The second group is where they like your particular style or design, so that the product may be different but has a similar style e.g. clothing. This second group is ideal for up-selling or cross-selling to since they’re purchased from your website before and you have a level of familiarity and creditability with them already.

The third group are website visitors who have visited a specific web page or one of a tightly focused group of web pages. These visitors have shown an interest in a niche area and can be remarketed too, so as to encourage to revisit the website. This may well be for a type of service.

Remarketing campaigns enable you to target high quality visitors who are already aware of you and your products or services. Furthermore, a remarketing campaign can significantly help to build brand awareness through the large amount of occasions that your display images and hence your brand is shown. They represent a significantly cheaper cost than the original click-through cost and can generate a significant ROI.

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